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Plan on Buying All Seven Books

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If you start reading the Will Wight Cradle books.

And if you’re like me, you’ll be upset that book eight is not out yet.

My friend recommended Cradle to me a few years ago. I ignored him. I had a lot of other books on my plate at the time. Then a month or so ago, he told me that the first three books in the series were on sale. So I got them.

Then all other responsibilities in my life went away in favor of reading about Lindon and what he was going to do to become a sacred artist even though he was “unsouled.”

This is a (currently) seven book series by Will Wight. It’s a fantasy, but it’s got science fiction elements too. As you dive deeper and deeper into the series it becomes obvious that there is so much more going on. It feels like you’re diving into a fractal. You start out in the middle of a small, self-contained world. Then the main characters break out of it to move into a slightly larger, but still mostly contained world. Then they move on to an even larger world, and from there larger and larger and more complex and dynamic and interesting.

I would go on, but I don’t feel I can do this wonderful series justice. I was surprised at where we ended up by book seven. And most books, especially longer series, don’t often have surprising endings.

I can’t wait for book eight to come out!

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Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049

Today I read the Hugo Award nominations. Blade Runner, by virtue of it starting with the letter B, was the first film listed in the category “Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form.” I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I admit that I was.

I was looking forward to this movie. I posted back in May 2017 that I wanted to see it. In fact, I was really disappointed when I couldn’t see it on release day. I was terrified that it would no longer be in theaters when I finally got to see it on October 28th. And honestly, that fear was justified. It should not have lasted that long.

Alphas: Origins by Ilona Andrews

Alphas: Origins  by Ilona Andrews

I couldn’t do it. I’ve enjoyed some of the other Ilona Andrews books that I’ve read, but I couldn’t bring myself to like this one—not even a little bit. There are just some themes that should not be in fiction at all, and especially not mucking up decent SciFi and Fantasy.

And the number one theme that fits that category is the romance novel trope of Stockholm Syndrome.

An Awesome Bundle of SciFi Books

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An Awesome Bundle of SciFi Books

Humble Bundle is doing an offer right now that I immediately had to purchase: Women of Science Fiction and Fantasy book bundle. At the lowest price point you get books like Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler and Kate Elliot’s Jaran. And since this is the Humble Bundle, you can pay as little as $1, and get some great books.

If you pay slightly more you’ll get Robin McKinley, more Octavia Butler, Elizabeth Hand, Jo Clayton, and others. And if you pay $15 or more you get even more books. This is a great deal for anyone who likes Science Fiction. I haven’t read every book in this bundle, but the ones I have are excellent. When I found out about this bundle I immediately went and paid for the top tier, as these are books I know I would want to read or re-read as the case may be.

“Arrival” — First Contact with White Male America

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ArrivalI just finished watching the movie “Arrival” which I really enjoyed. This didn’t really surprise me as the protagonist is a strong woman who is also a Linguist and it was a Science Fiction story about first contact. Now I admit, I made the obligatory “E.T.” and “Close Encounters” jokes during the film, but in general, the movie was engaging and interesting. I enjoyed the twist (spoiler: there’s a twist…) and was fooled along with most everyone.

A Different Type of Urban Fantasy Series

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InCryptid Series Review

InCryptid Series Review

Lately I’ve been filling my book shelves with urban fantasy books and I especially like reading books in a series. The benefit to a series is that if I like the characters and the books, there are more. I don’t have to wait. I hate waiting. 🙂 I first read the “October Daye” series by Seanan McGuire and when I ran out of books, I discovered her “Incryptid” series.

Annoying Your Readers

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The Twenty-Sided Sorceress Review

I’ve been reading the fast and fun series by Annie Bellet called The Twenty-Sided Sorceress series. I have read the first five books of this seven-book series. They are:

This is, as I said, a fast and fun series about a sorceress who is also a gamer. She plays Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and likes pop culture, especially nerdy pop culture. This means there are a lot of quips and quotes from a multitude of fantasy and scifi works. Fans, like myself, will enjoy the references and the apparent in jokes that she regularly works into the stories.

Stealing Symbols & Souls Stole My Heart

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There are some books that I wish would never end. I wish I could live in their world and follow the adventures of the characters forever. Stealing Symbols & Souls is one of those books. I started reading this book and couldn’t put it down. In fact, the way I got myself to put it down was by reminding myself that if I read it too fast it would be over. And since this is the first (hopefully) in a series of books about Stephanie Blackraven and her friends, there’s nothing yet to follow it. (Hint, Hint, D.T.…)